How we work


1. Visiting Your Home

Soon after you contact us we will arrange a meeting, at a time convenient to you. During this meeting we will listen carefully as to what it is that you are wanting to achieve. It would certainly be helpful if you could provide the following information

  • A photo, be it off the internet or from a magazine, of the type of unit you are looking for

  • What style

  • What finish see (link) 

We will offer any advice if applicable.

We will also take basic measurements such as height, width and depth of the space for the proposed unit

2. Cost Estimate

We will then email you with a basic description of the scope of the unit, a cost estimate and an anticipated time frame.

3. Technical Survey

If our cost estimate suits your budget we will, if necessary undertake take a full survey for the purpose of manufacturing and then installation. This step will ensure that once the furniture is created, it fits perfectly in your room.

4. Detailed 2D and 3D Drawings

We will then furnish you with detailed drawings for your scrutiny.

This is your opportunity to make any changes.

Once you are completely satisfied with the design, a final drawing will be submitted for you approval and then sent to our manufacturing team

5. The Building Process

All pieces are hand crafted in our Leeds workshop with the latest technology and comprehensive machinery. If required we will use our own spraying facility to finish off the look of each piece we design.

5. Installing Your New Furniture

Our installers will arrive and install the furniture and inspect it to ensure that it fits perfectly as intended.

6. Follow Up Care

Your designs are kept in our system permanently in the event you need advice or assistance in the future. We will be glad to help and offer any suggestions concerning any issue you have for the life of the furniture.


During the current lockdown you may wish us to follow this process;

1. Information gathering

You forward us with some of the following information;

Photo of the space where you want the unit fitted 

Rough measurements of the space (height, width and depth)

Either a sketch, web-link or photo(s) off the internet of the type of unit you are looking for.

2. Presenting The Initial Design

Once our developers have created a 3D design of your room, they will visit with you again to show you the plans. This is your opportunity to make changes or tell the designer you are ready to move forward. Once you are completely satisfied with the design, a final CAD drawing will be submitted for you approval and the sent to our manufacturing team.

We will then follow the process 3 through 7 as described to the left.